Arrival at Elsewhere – a glimpse…

Arrival at Elsewhere is a book-length long-poem response to the coronavirus outbreak of 2020, curated by one poet, Carl Griffin, but written by many (97 to be precise!). Sales are in aid of NHS Charities Together and you can buy it here.

Excerpt from Arrival at Elsewhere

The darkness in the room crackles with static, 
the greater mind in regular telecom 

to maximise survival capabilities. 
The muscles of the dank air flex 

and the room’s dimensions strain and shift. 
I can hear it like the wind in the trees, 

the susurrus filling the lungs 
of birch and ash, thin and laboured

like an after gasp, the smoker’s wheeze 

that yet persists after thirteen years. 
The introvert is so remote in the interior 

there is a risk he will mislay himself 
and never get his bearings back.

It is a day so still I hear, too, the creeping
of the moss. Beauty hurts, as much as pain:

both ride a long-drawn breath. 
A child has carved a heart in a stone. 

It sits at the roadside, tree-lit, not beating.


Lines 1-13 by Julian Turner, lines 14-16 by Kathryn Bevis, lines 17-18 by Rob Hindle

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