Announcing our poets for 2021 and Spring 2022…

Thank you to all who submitted to our press this year. We had more entries then ever and we marvelled at the shear breadth of subject matter and quality that came to us. We were bowled over. We created a long list that was far too long, and a short list that was heartbreaking because we were turning down poets whose voices need to be heard. In the end we made our selection. We are poets ourselves and we know the impact of rejection from poetry presses. It must not deter you. If only we could have published our whole short list!

The selections we did make were not made on quality alone. In those we selected we found stories we needed to share, words we couldn’t put down, a variety of voices that glowed together – and yes, ultimately, personal tastes that we want to share with the world. Here is our list for 2021 and Spring 2022.

2021 Spring

  • Chaucer Cameron –  In An Ideal World – I’d Not Be Murdered
  • Cheryl Moskowitz – Maternal Impression

2021 Autumn

  • Eleanor Page – Sleeping on the Wing
  • Imogen Downes – Becoming Noah

2022 Spring

  • Joanna Nissel – Guerilla Brightenings
  • Sarah Mnatzaganian – Philosophy Revision

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