Colin Pink

Colin Portrat Ventriloquist Dummy LBG- 108 croppedColin Pink writes poetry, drama and fiction. His plays have been produced in London, New York City and Berlin. He wrote the script for Touch which won numerous awards for best short film at international film festivals.

His poems and stories have appeared in a wide range of literary magazines such as Acumen; Poetry Ireland Review; Poetry News; Poetry Salzburg Review and American Writers Review. His first collection of poems, Acrobats of Sound, was published in 2016 by Poetry Salzburg. He lectures on the history of modern art, specialising in the interrelationship between the history of art and the history of ideas.

The Ventriloquist Dummy’s Lament, published by Against the Grain, is an exciting collaboration between poet and artist. It consists of a powerful combination of 21 villanelles by Colin Pink with 21 woodcuts by Daniel Goodwin inspired by the poems.