21st March 2020

Launch of Denise Bundred’s  Litany of a Cardiologist
and Olga Dermott-Bond’s apple, fallen

Guest readers Wendy French, Jo Young and Kathryn Bevis

The Poetry Café, Betterton Street, London, 7pm

Launch 21 March

22nd February 2020

See you at Free Verse: The Poetry Book Fair

28th September 2019

Launch of Claire Walker’s Collision

Guest readers: Sarah Doyle and Cheryl Pearson

Launch poets

5th June 2019

Launch of Colin Pink’s The Ventriloquist Dummy’s Lament

Artwork by Daniel Goodwin. Guest reader: Mimi Kalvati


16th March 2019

Launch of Dancing Boy by Michelle Diaz and Well by Graham Clifford

Guest readers: Claire Collison, Phil Hancock and Jane Wilkinson


19th October 2018

Launch of Jane Lovell’s Metastatic


23rd June 2018

Launch of Flood-Junk by Sean Magnus Martin

31st March 2018

Launch of How to Grow Matches by S.A. Leavesley at the Poetry Cafe London

4th November 2017

Against the Grain Poetry Press launch of Anna Kisby’s debut pamphlet “All the Naked Daughters”

We would really like to thank our guest readers who have helped us to launch our pamphlets – their readings and support are much appreciated:

Hilaire, Joolz Sparkes, Linda Black, Nick Compton, Joanna Nissel, Graham Clifford, Michelle Diaz, Alison Brackenbury.