Against the Grain Poetry Press is an innovative small independent poetry press dedicated to publishing challenging, well-crafted poetry from poets in the UK and Ireland. Our books and pamphlets are beautiful, starkly-designed, with high production values and an edgy appeal.

We love writing that is moving and provocative from strong, fresh, diverse voices. We appreciate our poets, like us, have jobs that subsidise their passions and bear this in mind when we work closely with them. We are proud to launch our poets on zoom or live and set them on their poetry journeys.

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Sarah Mnatzaganian wins the Saboteur Award 2022

We could not be more thrilled for Sarah and her well-deserved win for her wonderfully moving pamphlet, Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter “Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter” is an exploration of connection, roots and family relationships through the nourishing qualities of food. Sarah Mnatzaganian’s poems are tender and compassionate. Family is a symbol of support … Continue reading Sarah Mnatzaganian wins the Saboteur Award 2022

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