Arrival at Elsewhere

ElsewhereCoverFrontPageIn this book-length poem, curated by Carl Griffin, poets from across the world speak in one voice in response to 2020’s life-changing pandemic. Not a definitive voice, nor an authoritative one. But a contrasting, contradicting, confused voice, set both in the UK and everywhere else, represented by one narrator who, just like the rest of us, is made up of a hundred different people. A narrator cohesive only in his/her/their contemplation of Elsewhere.

Elsewhere has arrived…

to everyone affected by the Covid-19 pandemic – in aid of NHS Charities Together

Read an excerpt at Arrival at Elsewhere – a glimpse.

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About the curator

Carl Griffin lives in Swansea, in South Wales. He has written extensively on Welsh poetry and poets, in the form of reviews and essays. Though born in Stockton-on-Tees, in 1984, he has spent most of his life living in each of the Welsh cities, and these are the places that inspire many of his poems. His poetry collection, Throat of Hawthorn, was a winner of the Geoff Stevens Memorial Poetry Prize and was published by Indigo Dreams Publishing.

the poets

Indran Amirthanayagam, Valerie Bence, Kathryn Bevis, Stephen Bone, Jemma Borg, Penny Boxall, Annie Butler, Ron Carey, Graham Clifford, Jennifer Copley, Martyn Crucefix, Kerry Darbishire. Cath Davies, Grahame Davies, Adam O. Davis, Karen Dennison, Glyn Edwards, Jonathan Hadas Edwards, Will Farris, Catherine Fletcher, SJ Fowler, John Foy, Naomi Foyle, Linda France, Jennifer Franklin, Bashabi Fraser, Beatrice Garland, Lesley Glaister, John Glenday, Rebecca Goss, Angela Graham, Mark Granier, Andrew Greig, Seán Griffin, Philip Gross, Rachel Hadas, Matthew Haigh, Jean Hall, Myronn Hardy, Rob Hindle, Sarah Hymas, Sarah James/leavesley, Pam Job, Troy Jollimore, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, David M. Katz, Yusef Komunyakaa, Aaron Lembo, Christopher Levenson, Thyrza Leyshon, Ele-Beth Little, Lorraine Mariner, Peter Marra, Tim Mayo, Chris McCabe, Richie McCaffery, Michael McKimm, Rafael Mendes, Matt Merritt, Bruce Meyer, Kathy Miles, Jessica Mookherjee, Abegail Morley, Katrina Naomi, Lizzie Nunnery, Jean O’Brien, Sean O’Brien, Alasdair Paterson, Vic Pickup, John Priestly, Edward Ragg, Jeremy Reed, Christopher Riesco, Eléna Rivera, Danny Rivers, Chrys Salt, John Sewell, Peter Sirr, Maria Sledmere, Austin Smith, Gerard Smyth, Sue Spiers, Julian Stannard, Alina Stefanescu, Arundhathi Subramaniam, Hideko Sueoka, George Szirtes, Simon Tin, Csilla Toldy, Helen Tookey, Olivia Tuck, Julian Turner, Phil Vernon, Steve Walter, Bogusia Wardein, Sarah Westcott, Charles Wilkinson, Keith S. Wilson, Gareth Writer-Davies

Publisher note

When the idea for this book was pitched to us it was still fairly early in the global Covid-19 pandemic. We were all still probably in a state of shock. All locked down, uncertain what was happening – we certainly felt we had landed in a new place. All three of us, like many poets, were unsure how to creatively assess this new situation. That’s why we wanted to support this book. A collaboration of sorts, a creation of a road through all the work of poets who contributed to its making and a maker who has sensitively crafted this winding path of a poem from all our tongues. We are happy to support this work and its intention to support the NHS.

Abegail Morley, Karen Dennison and Jessica Mookherjee
Against the Grain Poetry Press