Eleanor Page

DSC03589Eleanor Page’s Sleeping on the Wing was published in October 2021.

“Sleeping on the Wing is fresh, deft, and alive with surprise. Eleanor Page’s precision of language and intense vision create poems that utterly grip the reader. She is that rare bird: a writer who makes you see the world for the first time.” – David Morley

Eleanor Page is a poet and artist from North Essex. She is currently studying a Writing Poetry MA at the Poetry School in London, following a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick. Her work has been published in Acumen, Envoi and Brittle Star, and she was highly commended in the 2019 Ginkgo Prize for Ecopoetry. Her interests include the natural world, mythology and folklore.


In the snow’s
shout-back of cloudlight
I am subalpine,
whittled in ice-crystal riptide of wind.
I am flag without meaning
slipknot on cliffside.
I am pine, shock of misformed branch
and bristlecone
growing slowly supine
in a scowl of outcrop.
I am fingers grasping into rock.
Shred and heckled,
cannot spur myself to needle,
at every step tempted to fold
under these newly ironed sheets of snow—
But still, I’m here. I grow.

Krummholz: stunted, windblown trees growing near a mountain’s treeline, the highest elevation at which trees can grow.

Krummholz was published in Acumen.