Cheryl Moskowitz at Poetry at home

A reading featuring eight poets who have published, or will be publishing, new collections between 2021 – 2022 from publishers, Seren Books, Broken Sleep, Verve, Bad Betty Press and Against the Grain Poetry Press

It’s a great line-up – Liam Bates, Kandace Siobhan Walker, Abeer Amir, Shruti Chauhan, Kim Moore, Hannah Hodgson, Bryony Littlefair and Cheryl Moskowitz will be reading from Maternal Impression.


Moskowitz interrogates familial love with a wounding sharpness and compelling strangeness, unearthing uneasy truths. It is a call to maternal arms. 

Poet biography and sample poems.


“Reading Maternal Impression is to have the feeling of walking on nails with bare feet, with the assurance of trust. I go tenderly where these fine poems take me, knowing they will advance my pleasure, my empowerment.” – Daljit Nagra 

Sarah Mnatzagarian wins Spelt Poetry Competition

sarah mn

Congratulation to our 2022 poet, Sarah Mnatzagarian who wins the  Spelt Poetry Competition judged by Maggie Harris. We’re publishing Sarah’s pamphlet, Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter, next spring. Until then, here’s the star poem. Congratulations also to Rachel Davies and and Diana Cant who came second and third.

Somerset soundtrack

Jack-jack-jackdaws yack-yack everywhere and here’s a car
and trailer squawking steel, stinking diesel. Ferns lick
into the lane and goose grass grapples up the hedge.
Just imagine your slipslap feet don’t sound menacing
to small creatures. Hear the soil drink last night’s rain,
breathe the fat green air until another car passes ~ hello
goodbye – with a sad-eared dog in the back. Cheecheechee
if you could learn these birdcalls, life would be sweeter.
Ten young ash have all died back. Where will the birds
sit tomorrow? A DPD van barrels past the festival gate.
It’s just a restival this year, no Glasto crowd, no music.
Turn right to Cockmill, nicking, slicking downhill
through dog-rosed, blackbirded, Stella-canned hedges.
Pylons cricklecrackle down the valley, make ears shrink
like baked snails as the buzz builds. Worthy Farm sign says
Don’t shoot in these fields – there are lovely cows and even
lovelier people wandering everywhere – Michael Eavis.
Lark, you’re in charge of the morning and oak trees
have possession of this lane. Come down to the dark ford
where midges pixillate the stream and roots have woven
a bank and there’s a call to prayer from the young oaks.
Maybe you can tell me the name of the singer? Listen,
it says all the right things to the mosquitos celebrating
over the water as I trudge my heart hard uphill home.

Graham Clifford – In Charge of the Gun

ATG poet Graham Clifford has his new collection out with The Black Light Engine Room with a virtual launch on July 1st. Launch details and tickets can be found below and a link to a fab review. Congrats Graham!

In Charge of the Gun

In Charge of the Gun Clifford’s latest collection includes such soon-to-be-classics as, Tuculescu?, The White Baboon, New Saint Crop and The Worst Poem Ever Written. Perfect as a gift or a veiled threat, this collection will not leave you wondering. ‘…think yawning baby shark.’ (p&p incl.)


Launch Details

Read a review over at London Grip

Jane Lovell wins The Gingko Prize

We’re delighted that ATG poet (among a number of presses!), Jane Lovell, won this year’s Gingko Prize which was announced earlier this month. Jane’s ATG pamphlet, Metastatic, was published in 2018 and launched at The Poetry Cafe.

The Ginkgo Prize is a major international award for ecopoetry, funded by the Edward Goldsmith Foundation and organised by the Poetry School. Every year, the competition awards £5,000 in prize money, provides writers’ residencies for the winners, and supports the development of ecopoetry through a programme of free workshops, and a series of incisive essays by leading ecological writers.

Jane’s winning poem, Ming, was selected by Simon Armitage and Jade Cuttle. Simon Armitage said the judges had found it “very touching and very moving”. 

Read Jane’s poem and others in the anthology HERE.

Watch the finalists read….

Louisa Campbell reviews Maternal Impression by Cheryl Moskowitz

Over at Louisa Campbell‘s website you can read the latest review of Maternal Impression. Louisa is the author of three books, the most recent, BEAUTIFUL NOWHERE | Boatwhistle.

Here’s a little part of the opening, please note the trigger warnings…

**Content warning: non-graphic mention of childhood trauma**

I want to tell you about Maternal Impression, one of Against the Grain Press’s most recently published pamphlets. The poet is Cheryl Moskowitz, who (the blurb on the back cover tells us) has a background in theatre (both acting and writing) as well as psychodynamic counselling and drama therapy, and has also taught on Sussex University’s Creative Writing and Personal Development MA. Unsurprisingly, her poems have been placed in well-known competitions, and Moskowitz has two other poetry collections as well as a novel under her very interesting belt.

Click HERE to continue reading….

Launch recording of Chaucer Cameron’s In an Ideal World I’d Not be Murdered and Cheryl Moskowitz’s Maternal Impression

We had a fabulous launch at the end of last month for these two stunning pamphlets. Below is the recording of the event. We ran out of time for the Q&A that afternoon but have recorded a session with the questions raised by audience members at the launch and will post that up soon.

There’s also an interview with Chaucer HERE and Cheryl HERE. Maternal Impression has been shortlisted for the Saboteurs Awards for Best Pamphlet. If you loved it, do give it your vote. Saboteur Awards 2021: Shortlists! – Sabotage (