Sarah Mnatzaganian wins the Saboteur Award 2022

We could not be more thrilled for Sarah and her well-deserved win for her wonderfully moving pamphlet, Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter

“Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter” is an exploration of connection, roots and family relationships through the nourishing qualities of food. Sarah Mnatzaganian’s poems are tender and compassionate. Family is a symbol of support and love that allows its members to find their own way.” Emma Lee

Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter also poignantly touches, in ‘Intifada Street’, on Israel’s subjugation of the Palestinians; in this, as with the rest of its bountiful poems, Mnatzaganian’s word-choices are suffused with a palpably inherent and generous sense of love, warmth and humanity.” Matthew Paul

“For not much more than the price of a dodgy pint in a flash London pub, Lemonade in the Armenian Quarter encourages the reader to pause, breathe in its vitality and return to everyday life, newly invigoratedGet hold of a copy for yourself and you’ll see what I mean…” Mathew Stewart

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