Denise Bundred’s Poetry Year

Denise Bundred 2019This year I came second in the Hippocrates Prize in Poetry and Medicine (Health Professional). The poem Addressing a Fetal Heart speaks directly to the heart of an unborn child. I also had a poem commended. Panacea is a villanelle which started life as a nature poem and ended as something much darker. I read both poems at the awards ceremony in May and they are in the Hippocrates Prize Anthology 2019.

I had two poems accepted by Under the Radar magazine. One of them is the final poem in a pamphlet which will be published next year. Those Were the Days describes my longing for work as a cardiologist after I retired.

Magma accepted a poem for the summer edition on the subject of Work and I read it at the launch in London. Leonardo’s Pen links modern cardiology with Leonardo da Vinci who described how the aortic valve works in about 1513.

Even more exciting was the news in July that my pamphlet, Litany of a Cardiologist, had been accepted by Abegail Morley, Karen Dennison and Jessica Mookherjee for publication by Against the Grain Press. The poetry reflects my work as a paediatric cardiologist.


Anatomy Theatre came third in the Ledbury Poetry Festival Competition. It was submitted as an afterthought with a couple of other poems I thought more likely to succeed. The poem forms part of a sequence about a nineteenth century painting by Enrique Simonet entitled And She had a Heart and describes a doctor performing an autopsy.

Two of my poems (including Anatomy Theatre) appeared in The Poetry Shed in October.

My poem in the Mole Valley Poets Christmas Anthology is called Eighteen and describes a young footballer visiting a children’s ward at Christmas time.

I have been asked to read at the Fellowship of Postgraduate Medicine-Osler Centenary Conference at the Royal College of Physicians in December. It’s the first time I will be reading as a poet at a medical conference, instead of as a doctor.

The poems are from my pamphlet Litany of a Cardiologist and some had their first success in the Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine.

The poet I discovered this year is Romalyn Ante whose remarkable poem Group Portrait at the Stopover was published in autumn edition of The Poetry Review.



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