Swept away with Flood-Junk!

We launched Sean Magnus Martin’s pamphlet Flood-Junk on Saturday at the Poetry Cafe in London. It was a great evening in a very relaxed atmosphere and hearing Sean read his poems was a real treat.

To quote from our introduction to the event  – “You will meet a creature born from “flood-junk” in these pages, as well as clarinets and lawnmowers, a boy made from driftwood.” Also, “Sean’s book starts with questions and slowly, with intensity, Sean reveals the answers in his poems which all call and respond to each other with a calm authority and maturity.”

During his reading, Sean also contextualised his poems, describing the background to writing them, his focus on transformation and his particular interest in line breaks and form. Read more and some poems in All about Flood-Junk by Sean Magnus Martin.


Our guest reader Joanna Nissel read moving poems based on her experience of a stay in hospital. She also read a heart-wrenching fifteen-minute prose piece based on her grandfather’s eventual escape from Austria on the Kindertransport.



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