Nick Compton – two poems

NickComptonNick Compton will be a guest reader at our launch of Sean Magnus Martin’s Flood-Junk. We feature two of his poems below – Portrait of my Brother in Zheng Guanying’s Family House and Sheung Wan. If you’d like to hear more, join us at Poetry Cafe in London Saturday 23rd June 7pm!

Nick Compton is a writer, traveller and poet. His work has featured from Canada to Hong Kong to places in between. He has featured in publications such as Art Ascent, Proverse Poetry, Pen2Paper and Amaryllis. In addition to writing for the Huffington Post, he teaches poetry in workshops and lectures, and is a member of the Rhyme and Reason Poetry Collective.

Nick Compton Portrait-of-my-Brother-in-Zheng-Guanyings-Family-House
Published in Art Ascent February 2017
Nick Compton Sheung-Wan
Published in Plume Anthology 2016


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