Jane Lovell – Two Poems

The Poetry Shed

One day the rain

One day the rain, roaring in
upon a rogue wind, bewildering
the landscape while you stand dismayed
at grass grown tall and seeded,
berries splitting on the vine, thickets
of fireweed,

that rain, the taste of it,
its isolating world,
will be your last;

your space, your time
will be defined by nylon screens,
relentless light, the wheeling of machines
back and fore,

an empty chair
and how are you today?

Things to consider:
……the neon mountain range you know
……as the tremor of your tired heart
a tiny paper cup
swallow these, drink this
……a button to press if there’s anything
……you need.

She speaks again and you recall
something illuminated by the light
of dry days
grass blowing in a hot dusk
the shiver of it in long shadows

that blackbird chortling regardless
of his dried dead young

something illuminated…

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